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3 Reasons to have a Drone Photographer at Your Next Event

Imagine capturing a soaring shot of a breath-taking pan of a poolside reception, or a scene skimming a lush vineyard leading to your event’s setting—a fine Cape wine estate. Until recently, scenes like these were only attainable if one had a big Hollywood film budget to hire out helicopters and such, but high-flying tech affords us all event aerial videography in the form of airborne camera-equipped drones.

Airborne drones are disrupting the way we cover events. Before you get alarmed, we don’t mean controversial military surveillance and weaponry. We’re talking about the growing popularity of using drone photography to cover events. Listed below are three of the most obvious reasons to have an event drone photographer at your event.

Better Shot Angles

Overhead angles that were once impossible to capture are now the norm, for videographers and photographers alike, as they fly camera-equipped drones over indoor conferences and outdoor receptions around the world with ease. By taking video in HD quality and crystal-clear still images, these drones have the ability to document any event from a completely fresh perspective.

Less Human Interference

Not only can you showcase the event venue featuring panoramic footage in post-event recaps and upcoming invites but you can also use it to live-stream real time video taken from above a group of attendees who get to watch in sheer amazement. In the past photographers and videographers had to negotiate with the crowd to manoeuvre the best shot angles but with event aerial photography the angles come easily with minimal, to no human interruptions. Because this technology is so new, there are very few boundaries for what you do with your content.

Cost effective

Many photographers are investing in these cutting-edge drones, often for less than the price of a professional-grade Nikon camera. Drones help photographers break free from the confines of a tripod allowing event photographers to capture creative new angles that are sure to impress any audience.

Operating a drone takes practice and skill, and should be left to capable pilots; this is where event uav companies such as Dronesnap come in. Dronesnap, is where drone operators may interact with clients looking to have event aerial filming at their next event and also where interested parties may get event aerial videography quotes. Visit dronesnap.co.za to find out all you need to know about


Main image credit: www.cnn.com