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5 Benefits of Event Aerial Videography

Unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones, are completely revolutionising the ways in which entertainment, leisure and sporting events are experienced by people and documented by an event drone photographer!

Listed below are the top five benefits of using drones for event aerial videography:

  1. Event surveillance

If any event, regardless of its nature, has a major following; rises great anticipation from usual goers; peaks the interest of new attendees and guarantees attendance by the hundreds if not thousands, then the safety and security of these guests is particularly crucial for the event’s reputation.

The use of event aerial filming for surveillance purposes includes the tracking of crowd movement to ensure protection and recognising potential safety threats before they hamper festivities. Essentially, the drones help law enforcement personnel in securing the location, which is much faster compared to a normal camera’s capabilities.


2. Unlimited camera angles | Drone Snap

Image credit: axis5aerial.com.au

  1. Unlimited camera angles

A qualified event drone photographer is able to capture a panoramic view of the event before it begins (which builds up excitement) and the ambience during the event.

Plus, unlimited camera angles means that the surrounding environment and its scenery can be documented, which is a great addition to the actual happenings of the event.

  1. Relive the experience

The event drone photography footage gathered can be uploaded to the event organisers’ respective social media pages. Attendees are able to view the photos and videos with renewed euphoria, as if they were experiencing the energy of the event once more!

What’s more, with great video editing applications available at the touch of a button, attendees can cut and edit the segments where they appear and post it on their timelines – certainly a post that is guaranteed to be the envy of many.


Extended reach | Drop Snap

Image credit: aerialexcellence.us

  1. Extended reach

Event aerial videography has a far greater and more accurate reach, which allows the event drone photographer to meticulously manoeuvre the device in order to capture captivating and detail-oriented imagery.

The use of event aerial photography can also be used to showcase the landmarks that surround the event, giving the location more exposure.

  1. Cost-effective method

Event aerial filming is an innovative and cost-effective manner of capturing footage, as opposed to the traditional hiring of a helicopter, which guzzles fuel and features as a loud disturbance.

If you’re hosting a large-scale event and want the experience to be one worth remembering through quality imagery, visit dronesnap.co.za to request aerial imaging with an edge!


Main image credit: foreverinlove.net