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A Beginners Guide to Aerial Photography

Modern technology and equipment like the aerial drone and GoPro has popularised aerial photography, with many people now combining their love of technology and photography with stunning effects.

Being able to capture aerial photos from such heights has given the ordinary photographer the ability to showcase an enormous sense of scale, something which in the past could only be captured at great expense and effort.

For those looking to get into the art of aerial photography, here are some tips on how to do it right, without risking expensive equipment crashing to the ground.

1 Start slow

Before even attempting to get a drone up in the air, research the subject, and understand the equipment you are about to use. When you do finally get up in the air, slowly play around with altitude and safely landing the equipment.

2 Plan your flight route

Think about which aerial photographs you want to capture, and work out where you’d need to start and end your flight in order to achieve those images. Learn to control not just your flight path, but the positioning and tilting of your camera too. It is mastering these aspects that truly brings aerial photos to life.

3 Understand motion and perspective

These two elements are the most important to master when it comes to professional aerial photography. The general rule is that the higher up you are, the faster you need to move in order to perceive motion in the photography.

4 Use GPS mode for stabilisation

Nothing looks less professional than a shaky out-of-focus shot. Using GPS mode will keep your camera steady, even in testing conditions.

5 Location, location

Unless of course you are working on a project for a specific industry, in which case you make the most of the location you are restricted to, a beautiful scenery will, more often than not, result in beautiful imagery.

As a beginner, avoid wooded areas, tall buildings, areas with large flocks of birds and of course, keep an eye out for the weather.


Image credit: aerialphotographyseattle.com