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Aerial Imagery to Last a Lifetime: The Complete Guide to Having a Drone Photograph Your Wedding

One wedding trend that is certainly soaring to new heights of popularity is to have a drone operator present to capture breath-taking aerial images of your special day. Drone-shot Aerial imagery, once only available to those with easy access to a helicopter, is now cheaply and widely available to anyone who wants to put an original twist on the boring old wedding photography traditions of years gone by. Unlike regular old photographic techniques, an aerial image creates a sense of high adventure and grandiosity, and are able to capture the event from an angle that would have been impossible just a few years ago. What better way to capture a large and beautiful venue, or a large crowd of smiling family and friends?

Drones can be noisy, intrusive or even dangerous in the wrong hands or in an inappropriate environment. Many brides may be a little intimidated by the idea of coordinating and planning such a unique photographic feat, but trust us, the results are worth the extra effort. Here are some things you need to consider.

Getting permission

The first step should be to ensure that your chosen venue is aware of, and has approved, your plans to have a drone shoot aerial images on their property. The vast majority of venues are more than accommodating if the venue is outdoors, such as in an open garden or in the countryside, but it is never a good idea to take aerial images and videos in closed spaces, such as low patios, chapels or restaurants.

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Professional, or DIY?

If you decide to go the DIY route, you’ll need to find a volunteer willing and able to fly the drone around throughout the event. Of course, you’ll have to have access to a drone as well, and buying these can be prohibitively expensive. You’re also not guaranteed the quality of aerial images you may be expecting – being able to fly a drone doesn’t equal being a good photographer (and vice versa).

Hiring a professional has a number of perks. They will be able to provide the right drone for the event, and are usually extremely well trained in flying and positioning it without being too intrusive. They will also have experience in wedding photography, with previous knowledge of what works visually and what doesn’t when shot from above. These services are usually very affordable and deliver great results.

Staying safe

Drones are surprisingly heavy, and their fast spinning rotors are more than capable of causing a nasty injury if they come into contact with someone unexpectedly. It is important to make sure the drone is not flown too close to the heads of the guests or bridal couple. If you’re hiring a professional drone photographer rather than an amateur, it is more likely that accidents can be avoided.


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