Best aerial photographs for each category

Aerial photography at its best

This years drone aerial photography winners have been announced. Online site Dronestagram, the Instagram for drone photos, has announced the winners of its annual aerial photography competition.

The categories for the competition were Travel, Sports & Adventure and Nature & Wildlife.


Beautiful drone aerial photograph of The Basilica
1st place travel winner- FRANCESCO CATTUTO
Camels on the beach - captured by drone camera
2nd prize travel winner – TODD KENNEDY
Amazing aerial photo of a beach in Gran Canaria
3rd prize travel winner – KAROLIS JANULIS

Sports & Adventure

Incredible aerial picture of rock climbing
1st prize sport and adventure winner – MAX SEIGAL
Aerial photo of a swimming pool
2nd prize sport & adventure winner – JUAN PABLO BAYONA
Amazing drone photograph of a snowboarder
3rd prize winner sport & adventure – TJ BALON

Nature & Wildlife

Aerial photography of nature and wildlife
1st prize nature winner – MICHAEL B RASMUSSEN
aerial image of sheep
2nd prize nature winner – IGNACZ SZABOLCS
Aerial photograph of a volcano
3rd prize nature winner – JONATHAN PAYET

What amazingly beautiful aerial photographs!

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