Sir Richard Branson (Drinks with Sir Richard Branson (Dreamtrepreneur))

Dreamtrepreneur (Part 1) – Meeting Richard Branson

The past two weeks have been a whirl-wind of organised chaos and you wouldn’t believe us if we told you where DroneSnap has been. If you asked us a year ago what we thought was lying ahead of us in the year to come, we definitely wouldn’t have guessed that we would have 1. Traveled to London on business, 2. Been interviewed by Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral, and 3. Met the ULTIMATE Dreamtrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson.

We have been extremely lucky with the opportunities presented to us after winning the Dreamtrepreneur challenge 2 weeks ago. The prizes included R40 000 cash, R140 000 digital marketing package from Just Perfect, a trip to London for Global Entrepreneurship Week and a personal mentoring session with Sir Richard Branson.

Dreamtrepreneurs meeting Sir Richard Branson

Getting to meet Sir Richard Branson was definitely one of the highlights so far. Having about an hour to sit next to him and discuss business on the launch of his new Dreamliner is something we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. We were absolutely shocked at just how normal he was, at times we forgot just what this man has actually accomplished. Unfortunately the insights we gained, much to many peoples disappointment, did not contain an amazingly unique secret to success. Instead it was more practical advice and stories of when he was facing similar obstacles. He truly has lived an inspiring life and his philosophy for success is a simple one. Just get out there and do it. Simple, one we’ve heard before, but somehow has a lot more credibility hearing it from someone in his position.

Sir Richard Branson (Drinks with Sir Richard Branson (Dreamtrepreneur))
DroneSnap founders meeting Sir Richard Branson (Drinks with Sir Richard Branson (Dreamtrepreneur))


Off to London

As amazing as this experience was, this was only the beginning. Our trip to London for Global Entrepreneurship Week is packed full of workshops and meetings with people in the drone industry.

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