Mario and Jason from DroneSnap fuelling up at Starbucks on their Dreamtrepreneur London trip

Dreamtrepreneur (Part 3) – Collaboration & learning

This was our second day in London on our Dreamtrepreneur adventure and it seems that we have already established a nice little routine for ourselves. One that we could definitely get used to! It involves starting off the day with a classic english breakfast at the hotel, leaving to grab a Starbucks coffee (fuel for the day) and then hopping onto the underground to head towards our first meeting. We’re still getting accustom to this big city life but by the end of this week, we’ll most definitely be experts on the London underground.

Growing your Business Through Social Media

Our first workshop held in London for the Global Entrepreneurship Week was all about expanding your social media use to TRULY engage with your customers and not just advertise to them. The marketing and advertising industry has changed so rapidly over the past few years. A lot of that change has been driven by the surge of companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes, and companies will need to adapt to these changes or get left behind.

The workshop was lead by David Fernando, a marketing expert and social media evangelist from Terra Ferma Media. This interactive workshop gave us guidance on how to use it to effectively engage with clients. We’re officially convinced of the importance of actively managing social media in today’s business environment.

Growing your Business Through Social Media. A Global Entrepreneurship Week workshop.
Growing your Business Through Social Media workshop with David Fernando from Terra Filma Media

Meeting with Bookadrone

There’s a saying that goes, “1% of you is far better than 100% of me”. This rang true at our second meeting for the day with Mr Ben Fisher, the CEO of Bookadrone. Ben is a tinkerer, serial entrepreneur and drone enthusiast. It’s always great to chat to other passionate entrepreneurs (especially when they’re passionate about drones) going through similar experiences and facing similar problems to us. It’s so exciting seeing that more and more entrepreneurs world-wide are keen to open and share their knowledge with others. His insights on the UK drone industry were enlightening. We got to see that although the South African market is far behind, we’re definitely on the right track. There are quite a few similarities between the UK and South African markets but there are also MANY differences.

Amazing buildings in London
DroneSnap on the trot in London taking a break from the busy city life to do some sight seeing.

We’re so extremely thankful to Virgin Atlantic, the Branson Centre, the British Council, CliffCentral and Just Perfect for putting this incredible Dreamtrepreneur package together. We have so many ideas on how to make DroneSnap the one-stop-shop for all forms of aerial imaging and this was exactly the kickstart we needed.

It’s only day 2 and this Dreamtrepreneur experience has already been so amazing. Today was a good day. We learnt many things. And it feels like looking at the London market is like looking at a window into South Africa’s future.