Our meeting with the British Council in London

Dreamtrepreneur (Part 4) – London adventures day 3

Wednesday was the day we finally got to meet the lovely people from the British Council that helped arrange these incredible London adventures.  We woke up early and decided to take the long way around to our meeting so that we could see some of the more “touristy” attractions of London. We walked along the Thames river and got to see sights like the London Eye and Big Ben. It was a long walk but we had to take full advantage of the fact that we were in London.

DroneSnap founders at Big Ben
DroneSnap founders at Big Ben

The British Council

We were greeted by the British Council’s regional manager for Africa, Amy Hickson (centre left), and her colleague Emma (right). The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. They were one of the major partners involved in setting up the Dreamtrepreneur competition and we are so incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunities they have provided us with. We got to tell them about the London adventures we had experienced so far over tea and biscuits (a true British style meeting). We had no idea of the extent of their involvement in South African education projects. They’ve truly done some amazing work. We’ll always be grateful to them for how much they’ve helped us.

Simon Parker – AeSCoM

Our second meeting for the day was with Simon Parker, the managing director of AeSCoM, an aerospace supply contract management firm.

Meeting Simon was a great eye opener to the idea of expanding DroneSnap to the UK. It was always such a daunting concept, but with someone like Simon on your side, it seems like a much more realistic possibility.

London and Partners

Our round of meetings for the day ended at London and Partners. They’re a government funded organisation that help foreign companies set up businesses in London. Their experts can advise on every aspect of locating in England’s capital. From forming a UK entity, to hiring staff, to setting up offices. And… they do it all for FREE! Yes, free! We couldn’t believe it either! We spent majority of the meeting asking the question: “but what’s the catch?”. It seems that London are incredibly disappointed with their 4% unemployment rate. For this reason, government have created London and Partners to assist companies like DroneSnap to make sense of expanding beyond national borders.

They also have THE most amazing office space. With an incredible view of London Bridge (below) AND a coffee maker that’s controlled by an iPad. Right? London and Partners is definitely the future. Every minute we spent there, our minds kept thinking about what life would be like living in London. Exciting times!

DroneSnap in meetings with London and Partners during our London adventures
London Bridge – view from London and partners.

Another amazing day with all new London adventures. And to think that we would have been sitting at a desk in SA, handling awful queries from unenlightened people if we didn’t take that leap and quit our corporate jobs.

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