New platform for Aerial Imaging

Our new platform for Aerial Imaging

A “Version 2” of our platform

We’ve been hard at work at our new platform for Aerial Imaging and we’re pleased to announce that it is officially live. This includes a completely new design, from the ground up, new features and plenty of room for growth!

The main feature is actually allowing our registered pilot’s to log in, keep all their info up to date, register the equipment they have at their disposal and provide links to their work for us to showcase to clients interested in hiring them.

Our Geosnap project has been completed and moved into production. Meaning pilot’s can now log directly into Drone Snap’s new platform and upload their geo-tagged commercial and industrial images that will be targeted directly at property fund managers. For more info on this project, have a look at our previous blog post.


What does the future hold?

Well we can’t say for certain, we’re not fortune tellers. But what we can say is we’ll constantly be adding features and making improvements to our new platform for Aerial Imaging. Our next main focus is implementing a flight logger for drone operators to record each job along with notes for their own records and for ours to have a look at our pilot’s progress in their industry.

Another feature we’re hoping to add soon is custom landing pages depending on what market the specific user belongs to. We’ll be using this info to match the client up with the drone operator that specialises in what’s required and is near by to avoid travel expenses.

We’re extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made since we’ve started but are more excited than ever for what the future holds! Watch this space for more.