Aerial photography

Aerial Photography Gets Slick for the Digital Era

Ranging from farmers to geographers, festival organizers,  right up to wedding planners looking to offer something different, a growing need for quality aerial photos has never been more real. We are in the digital era – we used to only…

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Dronesnap aerial photography drone

A Beginners Guide to Aerial Photography

Modern technology and equipment like the aerial drone and GoPro has popularised aerial photography, with many people now combining their love of technology and photography with stunning effects. Being able to capture aerial photos from such heights has given the…

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Our meeting with the British Council in London

Dreamtrepreneur (Part 4) – London adventures day 3

Wednesday was the day we finally got to meet the lovely people from the British Council that helped arrange these incredible London adventures.  We woke up early and decided to take the long way around to our meeting so that we could see some…

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A view from inside the South African High Commission in London, England

Dreamtrepreneur (Part 2) – Off to London day 1

As two Co-Founders, based in South Africa, we were fortunate enough to visit London and get the most amazing insights into how similar companies are run here. After an 11 hour flight, paid for by the awesome people at Virgin Atlantic as part of…

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Drones to transport medicine to rural areas

A feasibility study by medical diagnostics expert Barry Mendelow, a former Wits University professor, has found drones to be an efficient and cost-effective way of carrying medical supplies and pathologists’ specimens. Mendelow said drones could be used to transport samples…

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Drones for Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Drones

How precision agriculture drones can help Operating a small drone over hundreds of hectares of crops, could allow you to receive detailed imaging of your farm instantly from an iPad. From the images, or a live video, a farmer can see exactly what…

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